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Micro Markets

Powerful Kiosks For The Modern Breakroom

Remotely Access Your Kiosk

Adjust prices, create promotional campaigns, monitor live inventory levels, view security cameras, and more to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and run a profitable micro market.

Easy Management and Control Applications

Route and prekit your micro market locations, see live inventory, optimize your merchandise, access robust performance reports, and more to increase service efficiency.

Give And Receive Great Customer Service

Our best-in-class customer support team will help you design your micro market configuration, assist with setup, and monitor your kiosk so your micro markets stay up and running.

Intelligent Sales and Marketing Tools

Run sales promotions, access sales reports, and easily identify micro market best sellers. Merchandise your markets to boost location sales and customer satisfaction.

Manage Your Micro Markets From Your Home, Office, or On The Go.

Our cloud-based management system gives you access to your Micro Market anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Manage vending or coffee delivery services? Run them side-by-side with vending – all in the same system.


Micro Market Max

Parlevel’s Micro Market Max is powered by a 21″ touchscreen set in a durable, acrylic kiosk that won’t rust or warp. Backed by a fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, cashless payment acceptor (swipe and NFC), built-in webcam and optional RFID reader, our kiosk gives you the tools to maximize sales, maintain dependable performance, and speed up your micro market service efficiency.

Micro Market Mini

Perfect for locations of 125 people or less, Micro Market Mini can fit in locations that traditional kiosks cannot. With a 10.1” touchscreen, cashless reader, barcode scanner, and a front-facing security camera you can replace your vending machines with a market setup to increase location profitability.


Easy Micro Market Installations, Memorable Grand Openings


Building your micro market should be easy. We’ll help you design the perfect breakroom layout for your location. Choose from our wide array of coolers, freezers, shelving, and add customizable branding to spur sales and drive referrals.



Fridges & Freezers

Fridges & Freezers

The worldwide leader in commercial refrigeration. Choose from a variety of coolers and freezers for micro market setups. Health lock enabled, Energy Star compliant, LED lighting, and more.

Fixtures & Furniture

Fixtures & Furniture

Custom fixtures, shelving, and furniture for your micro market setups. Modular retail solution to fit any micro market space. Lightweight, easy to assemble, custom signage, and more.

Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

External surveillance for your micro market setup. Get security notification pushed directly to your phone to spot and deter theft. Cloud-based, WiFi enabled, intelligent motion tracking, and more.

Parlevel Capital for Micro Market Systems

Easy financing, no money down, and fixed, affordable payments. 

Finance 100% of the equipment you need to grow your business.

Avoid upfront costs and get the micro market you need for as little as $75 a month.

Capital For Growth

Outbid your competition by supplying your company with the best technology and equipment in the industry. Applying is easy.

Conserve Cash

With no money down and flexible payment options, keep cash available for your business. Use of payment plans that make sense.

Fast And Easy

With one page applications, you can have a decision in a fewer than 8 business hours. Let us help you grow your business.

Simple Flat Rates

Finance 100% of the equipment and services for your operation into fixed, affordable payments. Choose a plan that works for you.

You’re just a click away.