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Smart Routing

All Included In Parlevel's VMS


An Intelligent, Efficient, and more Accurate way to Route your Business

Smart Routing Tiers

Customize Your Routes


Plan your vending routes and micro markets based on factors that are important to you. Select priorities like money to collect, sold outs, machine type, and more. The system will plan routes that make sense for your operation.

Save Time on Planning


Set all of your routes for the day with one click. Instead of planning each micro market or vending route individually, plan all of your routes at once and put valuable time back into your day.

Smart Routing - Vending Route All at Once
Smart Routing - Vending Route Overview

All of Your Routes in One Place


View all of your routes for the day in one easy-to-use dashboard. Know your route status, progress, and more at a glance. See a comprehensive summary of what you can expect for every micro market and vending route.

Continuous Improvement


Drill down into individual routes to see if they are planned to your satisfaction. Tweak machine factors and values over time to find the perfect route.

Smart Routing - Individual Vending Route

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