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Product Update – Micro Market Languages, Two-Tier Pricing, & Parlevel U

A new month, new updates to the Parlevel platform! Check out these helpful additions across our management system: Micro Market Language Preferences Don't let language barriers get in the way of market sales! Offer English or Spanish options at your kiosk. Micro Market Product Exports Export micro market products,...

Product Update – Machine & Service Notes, Link Payments, and MORE.

Hello again all! We added new tools and features within Vending Management, OCS, and Markets Platform to greatly enhance your system. Including the following: Machine Notes Report A new report in the VMS that displays all Machine and Service notes for all Machines/Markets. This helps the...

VMS Vending Snacks
Maximize Profit and Minimize Loss with Your Vending Machine Products

The Importance of Monitoring Your Vending Machine Products A vendor’s inventory is the core of their business. Every snack, drink, DVD, toy, etc. are all potential revenue or inventory loss. Maintaining vending machine products efficiently and knowing when to purchase and how much are very difficult. Also,...

Par Level Inventory Efficiency
Eliminate Product Shortages with an Optimal Par Level System

What is a Par Level Approach? Merchandising is the idea of showcasing product to stimulate customers into making a purchase. For the vending industry, this means to keep machines stocked with the optimal amounts, or a par level, of products. However, how much of one product...

Fitness Vending Machine
Innovations in Vending: Unique Vending Machines that Demand to Speak to You

[vc_video link=""] In this series of blogs, we want to take a step back from the technology and talk about people and their interactions and engagement with unique vending machines. Stories ranging from cameras in vending machines to talking vending machines, we will talk about it all....