Parlevel Systems Vending Management Software (VMS)
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Vending Management



Cash Accountability

Reduce theft and remotely check cash meters and track money bags to ensure your drivers return from their routes with correct dollar amounts every time, down to the cent.


Streamline your product ordering process. Cut inventory cost by ordering precise amounts of product. Track every product as it moves from warehouse, to truck, to machine.

Machine Alerts

The VMS alerts you to bill jams, coin jams, compressor failures, and other machine issues as they happen. Minimize machine downtime, and keep your machines up and selling.

Top-to-bottom Solution

Parlevel’s VMS is the only solution that lets you manage Vending, Micro Markets, and Office Coffee Service side-by-side. One easy and powerful system, all of your business lines.

Total Access To Your Operation


Parlevel’s VMS (Vending Management System) is powerful, accessible, and intuitive.


Manage your Vending, Office Coffee Service, and Micro Market lines side-by-side for the first time.


Use Live Data to remotely view machine alerts & status, product inventory levels, route progress, etc.
Anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Real-time Data


Parlevel’s vending software uses live machine data to give you a detailed look into your operation. With remote access to machine data, you can use the VMS to make precise and informed decisions about your operation that positively influence your bottom line.


Power your VMS with the Parlevel Box telemeter to get the most accurate machine data available. A reliable cellular connection, custom DEX scheduling, and best-in-class support work together to give you uninterrupted access to your machines – morning, noon, and night.


Product Merchandising & Optimization


View sales history for each machine, location, and account to stock products that you know sell well. Replace slow movers with high-demand products and watch your machine sales soar.

A Smarter Way to Route


Plan your vending routes and micro markets based on factors that are important to you. Select priorities like money to collect, sold outs, machine type, and more. The system will plan routes that make sense for your operation.

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Mobile Vending Management System


Vending is on-the-go, your VMS should be too. Adjust inventory levels on site, manage prekit totes on the fly, and deploy service technicians in real time to effectively manage your operation no matter where you are.

Product Ordering


Let your location request vending, micro market, or coffee delivery products straight from you. Showcase your entire product catalog to upsell customers and sell them on different lines of business. Provide invoices and order history to your customers.

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Feed App


Receive critical updates about your vending, micro market, or office coffee operation directly on your mobile phone. Push notifications for over 25 different activities like route progress, service ticket status, and more will keep you connected to your operation.


Gain control and visibility of your operation. Act on real-time machine data, sales info, ordering recommendations, and other features.

Route Drivers

View clear, direct tasks and orders for the day. Service machines more efficiently than ever. Increase motivation and drive.

Warehouse Personnel

Pack and prekit product with accuracy. Streamline ordering workflows. Manage inventory, products, shrinkage, and more.


Offer reduced machine downtime. Spur repeat sales, drive account referrals, and satisfy your customers better than ever.

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