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4 Benefits of Credit Card Readers

08 Aug 4 Benefits of Credit Card Readers

Looking to go cashless in your vending operation? Deploying credit card readers has a huge positive impact on your business.

Here are four ways credit card readers will improve your business!

1. Boost Sales –  Installing cashless devices can drive machine sales. Experience higher ticket transactions, boosted sales over time, and up to 42% total sales growth!  

2. Better Customer Experience –  Give convenience to your customers by allowing them more ways to pay. Credit, debit, mobile payment, and EMV (chip) make it easy for your customers to buy from you! – no matter their preference!

3. Improve Tracking – Credit card readers record can send critical machine data! This helps you easily track your sales, monitor inventory, and take action on other important operational information. 

4. Increase Accountability – Increased cashless transactions decrease the cost of handling cash. Reduce the costs associated with carrying, counting, and managing cash, while increasing your cash accountability.

These 4 benefits of credit card readers show how much your operation can improve by going cashless!

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