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Parlevel Run – Vending Home Delivery Service

22 Apr Parlevel Run – Vending Home Delivery Service

Times are changing. Your customers demand convenience wherever they are – including their own homes.

Deliver your products straight to your customers’ homes with Run by Parlevel Systems. Run is a vending home delivery service that allows vending, micro market, and coffee operators to optimize their business for home delivery. Groceries, pre-packed foods, paper goods, drinks, snacks, and more – deliver high-demand items where your customers need them most.

Here’s how it works. Choose products you would like to sell, and display them on your own, customizable storefront. Customize product prices, set delivery fees, and advertise featured products. You can even set minimum order quantities and custom delivery geographies to maximize your profits.

Utilize your existing vending, micro market, or coffee infrastructure to deliver goods efficiently. Blend your existing warehouse, personnel, and products with Run to get your delivery business up and running in no time. With Parlevel Run, deliver high-demand goods directly to your customer’s homes without drastically changing your business. Run is a vending home delivery service that is easy for you and your business to use.

Grow your customer base, diversify your business, and increase your revenue streams by capitalizing on the growing home delivery trend. Get started today and sell more than ever!

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