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Product Spotlight: Parlevel Run

01 May Product Spotlight: Parlevel Run

Say hello to Parlevel Run! A service that enables easy home delivery for vending, micro market and office coffee operators. With Parlevel Run, you can use your existing operations to sell products online, deliver directly to consumers, and increase your revenue streams.

Let’s dive into a Parlevel Run spotlight to see how it works, and how you can get the most out of the service.

VMS Integration

Parlevel Run is powered through the Parlevel VMS. If you’re a current Parlevel customer, your home deliveries through Parlevel Run will be easily managed side-by-side with your existing vending, micro market, or office coffee business lines. If you’re new to Parlevel, our customer service team will help you get onboarded and prepared to use the service with confidence.

Price Tiers

The products you sell through Parlevel Run are managed through Price Tiers in the Parlevel VMS. Simply create a price tier specifically for items you want to sell on Parlevel Run, and the relevant products. Product names, images, and prices added to this price tier will automatically import to your Parlevel Run store.

Pre-Built Template

With Parlevel Run we create a pre-built template featuring sleek design, a user friendly interface, and optimized for fulfilling delivery orders. No hassle or starting from scratch, our pre-built template will help you sell and deliver products with ease. Need to add a custom logo, company branding, or specific images? Our team will work with you to create a store that reflects your business.

Product Categories and Featured Products

Make it easy for your customers to find the items they are looking for through product collections. Sort your products into categories like meals, snacks, beverages, and even personal care or cleaning products. Product categories can be as extensive or as simple as you’d like based on what you’re selling. Advertise top products and push high-margins items with featured products. With Parlevel Run, put the products you’d like front and center.

Discounts, Delivery Geographies, Custom Rates

Parlevel Run has tools to help you manage home delivery in a way that makes sense for your business. Create discounts for specific products, repeat orders, or first-time customers to boost your sales. Set custom delivery geographies by zip code or maximum delivery radius to better control your delivery area. Institute minimum orders amounts and custom delivery rates to maximize your profits on home delivery.

Route in VMS

Once a customer has ordered through the Parlevel Run store, their information is automatically pushed to the Parlevel VMS. From here, you can easily assign these orders to a route for delivery. Your drivers will make home deliveries using the same tools they use when servicing vending, micro market, or office coffee accounts. With Parlevel Run, integrating home delivery into your existing operations is easy.

With Parlevel Run, you can start offering home delivery services straight to your customer through an online store that reflects your business. With easy product management tools, extensive delivery options, and an integration into the Parlevel VMS, adding a new way for your business to make money has never been easier. 

Start delivering today with Parlevel Run!

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