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3 Ways Micro Markets Appeal to Customer Health

11 Sep 3 Ways Micro Markets Appeal to Customer Health

In the age of COVID, workplaces are more concerned with health and safety than ever. As an operator, it’s your responsibility to convince your locations that your business and your equipment can serve their needs in a healthy manner. 

Vending machines are the go-to piece of equipment for many operators, but they do face challenges in a health-conscious environment. It is difficult to make your vending machine touchless, for example. Even with a card reader, your customers still have to physically press buttons, retrieve their product, and physically interact with the machine. Micro markets on the other hand, give you the ability to meet the health-needs of your customers, while providing a more satisfying and profitable breakroom.

Here Are 3 Ways Micro Markets Appeal to Customer Health:


Touchless Check Out

Customers can buy from micro markets with touchless checkout options. Micro Markets from Parlevel come with a mobile app called koin that allows employees to browse and purchase items straight from their phones. Customers can even checkout at the kiosk by scanning their product and inserting their card – no touch necessary! Just select, pay, and go! With these touchless checkout options, your customers will feel safe buying from you.

Social Distancing

Traditional employee breakrooms are a hotspot of traffic. It can be tough for offices to enforce social distancing guidelines if everyone is crowded around a vending machine looking for their next drink or snack. With micro markets, customers can see what products are available remotely, which minimizes the time it takes to checkout. Plus, micro markets give you the ability to offer full meals or lunches – boosting margins and minimizing the time employees stay off site. Faster checkout, plus better options = happier customers and operators.

Essential Products

Not only can you provide delicious snacks, drinks, and full meals at a micro market but you can provide essential products that cannot be sold in a vending machine spiral. You can provide everything from hand sanitizer to personal care products and even masks to promote on-site health and safety. Your customers will feel safe knowing you care about their health and well-being.

Micro markets appeal to the increasing need for customer health in a way vending machines simply cannot. With micro markets, you can supply healthy checkout options while providing in-demand products. Pitch a market at your next location, and watch your business thrive.

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