Cater is a self-checkout solution that enables dining operations and food service providers to create a convenient ordering experience for their customers. Cater is specifically designed to improve the food service experience by providing a new and easy way to fulfill both made-to-order and grab-and-go food.

So where does this technology work best? Cater can be used in many different environments, but here are 3 locations that are perfect for Cater.

Corporate Campuses 

Work campuses are complicated food-service environments with unique needs. Often, sprawling business campuses have many different food-service providers in different locations on site – everything from chain restaurants to unique dining halls, or one centralized cafeteria. Workers need a way to order the food they like, from the provider they want, in a convenient way. With Cater, employees can view multiple food-service providers on one, easy to use platform. Through both the Cater kiosk and Cater mobile app, they can view restaurants, customize selections, and even order ahead of time! Cater also provides a barcode scanner, so workers can quickly grab a drink or side item while they order their meal.

Plus, each employee can create a virtual wallet to fill it with funds and even link it to their badge via RFID – making it easy to checkout quickly. Cater does more than just food and beverage – you can even offer joint services with local companies to help your employees get their daily tasks done, like oil changes, dry cleaning, car wishes, yoga sessions, and more.

Cater also improves the lives of campus food-service providers. Food-providers on campus have access to the Cater KDS, which makes it easy to view, create, and fulfill orders. Plus, the powerful manager dashboard allows these providers to see valuable insights about their products, sales, operations, and more.


Like Campuses, hospitals have specific needs when it comes to food-service. Hospitals need satisfying and convenient food and drink options for their doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors. Hospitals require a solution that makes food, snack, and drink options accessible 24/7. Patients’ families need access to food and drink options around the clock. With Cater, there is no need for a cashier to process orders, so hospitals don’t have to worry about staffing someone at all times.

 Also the onboarding process is hands-on with our 24/7 support staff, and no more onboarding fees or trying to teach yourself how to use new technology. Combined with the ability for customers to use Cater for both made-to-order and grab-and-go meals, hospitals can provide hot or pre-packaged food options at all times. With Cater’s Order Ahead feature, doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors can even pre-order their meal, so they don’t waste time standing in line or waiting for orders.


Cater is not only ideal for campus or hospital-type environments, it is useful for conventional restaurants, too. With a shortage in labor and the demand for employees at an all time high, Cater helps restaurants fulfill orders without the need of staffing a full-time cashier. Many national fast-food and fast-casual restaurants have shifted to a kiosk-ordering system to run a smoother operation and better satisfy their customers. With Cater, local chains, mom and pop, and other restaurants can benefit from similar technology that major players already use.

With Cater, you can provide full menus, streamline the ordering experience, allow for customizations, and 86 items, and updates within seconds. No training or instructional signage is necessary – your customers can easily find, navigate, and order from the kiosk. Pre-order is a must now – being able to offer the most convenient options to your customers is vital. And your staff can focus on serving delicious food rather than simply processing orders.
Cater is a flexible checkout solution that improves the customer experience and operational workflow in many different environments. Due to their unique needs, Cater is particularly well-suited to help food-service providers in hospitals, work and college campuses, and restaurant settings.  

Get started with Cater today and serve your customers better than ever.

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