A great breakroom setup with Parlevel micro markets improves your overall business in many different ways. The positive benefits of placing a fresh, healthy, and enjoyable office breakroom are widespread! Here are a few of the benefits you can expect:


1. Increased Employee Wellness – Employee wellness is on the forefront of every HR manager and employee’s minds. After all, over 58% of American consumers agree that it is important to eat healthy. Parlevel micro markets boost your overall employee wellness of providing healthy options that are readily available and easy to access. Gone are the days of your only options being stale chips or sugary sodas – with micro markets in your office breakroom, you can enjoy fresh sandwiches, salads, and drinks that will increase the overall wellness of your company.


2. Improved Office Productivity – Keeping your employees onsite and focused is key for any productive workplace. Time spent away from work on lunch breaks can cost organizations with 500 people up to $4.6 million in lost productivity per year. With Parlevel micro markets, you can offer full lunch options at your workplace, so your employees don’t need to leave the office for a delicious, filling lunch. An engaging office breakroom will keep your employees focused, productive, and satisfied.


3. Boosted Company Reputation – As millennials enter the workforce, they are expecting better and better perks from their employers. The perks mentioned by prospective workers include access to snacks, coffee, and a better breakroom. Deliver on these preferences by installing a Parlevel micro market. Your micro market will certainly be a “wow” factor for prospective employees, and a huge benefit for current workers. Micro markets help you provide an in-demand office breakroom perk that will help you both attract and retain talent. Micro markets have a huge positive impact on your business. By embracing a better office breakroom, you can increase employee wellness, improve office productivity, and boost your company’s reputation. 


Upgrade Your Office Breakroom Today!

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