Looking to improve employee motivation at your workplace? Provide a better breakroom to improve productivity and workplace satisfaction! Here are three ways you can provide a better breakroom for your employees.

Supply High-Quality Food & Coffee

Show your employees that you care about them by providing delicious food and coffee options. Diversify the variety of coffee choices you currently have, and go out of your way to provide a variety of food. Ready-to-go meals, fresh salads and sandwiches, and even impulse snacks will cater to the needs of every employee. Demonstrate that you care about your employees by providing exceptional options that make for a better breakroom.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Help your employees enjoy their workplace by providing a comfortable environment. Accommodate multiple modes of sitting, including seating in varying styles and heights. Maintain cleanliness. If you want your employees to actually enjoy your better breakroom, the space should be cleaned and organized regularly. Provide entertainment with TVs or monitors. This is a great opportunity to showcase your workplace brand, provide entertainment, or even highlight training videos!

Make Your Breakroom Engaging

Install a self checkout Micro Market in your breakroom! High-tech meets delicious food and drinks to engage and satisfy your employees. Give your employees access to books, industry literature, or even video games, making them feel more at home. Hold various activities like team building activities such as meditation or group contests to liven up the breakroom. Need advice on creating the perfect breakroom for your workplace?¬†Fill out the form below, and we’ll help you get started!

Upgrade Your Breakroom

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