Installing cashless readers on your machines is a no-brainer. They boost sales, increase customer engagement, and raise your operational efficiency. But which card reader is right for you? Here are 4 reasons why you should use a touch card reader on your machines.

4G Connectivity

Card readers connect via cellular signal. Older card readers communicate via 3G networks, which are in the process of being phased out. A newer touch card reader, on the other hand, communicate via 4G networks. This means your customers transactions will be fast, safe, and reliable. Plus, your new readers will be future proof as 4G will be the standard for years to come.

Customer Engagement 

The touchscreen catches your customers attention through its bright display and guides the customer through the purchase via voice interactions and on-screen instructions. With a touch card reader, you’ll attract more business while making it easier than ever for customers to pay.

Plug and Play

Touch card readers are all-in-one devices. The telemeter which transmits data and the bezel where customers pay are all housed in the same device. This enables easy installation and rapid deployment across your operation. Install times can be as fast as 3 minutes and All software updates happen remotely, minimizing the effort required to maintain the unit. If you’re looking to upgrade your units en masse, touch readers help you do so efficiently.

EMV Payments

A touch card reader like Parlevel Pay Touch help you offer maximum payment acceptance via credit, debit, mobile payments, and NFC payments. Plus, these devices accept EMV dip payment, which is the most secure payment option available. Boost machine sales by maximizing payment options and rest easy knowing customer data is safe and secure.

When adding cashless devices to your machine, a touch option has many benefits. With a card reader like Parlevel Pay Touch, you can attract customers, enable reliable transactions, and boost machine sales. Make the switch to touch readers today!

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