hubz smart coolers are one of the newest technologies to enter the vending industry, and they’ve captured the attention of operators all around the world. These 5 benefits of hubz smart coolers will show you why:

New Accounts

hubz opens the door to countless new accounts. Locations that require high product diversity but high security are traditionally underserved. Vending machines don’t provide enough selection, but installing a micro market can be too much of a risk. With hubz, you can land profitable new accounts like hospitals, airports, malls, hotels, building lobbies, and more. You can even use hubz to provide additional services to already existing clients. 

High Margin Products

Say goodbye to the limitations of vending machine spirals. hubz smart coolers provide a customizable array of shelving that allows for bigger, higher-margin items to be sold. With adjustable racks you can stock everything from fresh juices, to delicious salads and sandwiches. Unlike other solutions, you can stack products inside of hubz, which allows you to stock more inventory between services.

Product Diversity 

hubz smart coolers open the opportunity for huge product diversity. You can truly cater to a location’s needs with the ability to offer many different types of products. Provide grab and go items, full meals, energy drinks, yogurt, soda, and everything in between! You can even think outside the box and stock other products like vitamins or supplements. With hubz, your imagination is the limit.

Powerful Management System

hubz smart coolers are backed by a powerful management system. The management system allows you to easily change your planogram, track inventory levels, view product sales, optimize your merchandising, and much more. With this effective management system, you will have total control and get the most out of your smart cooler.

Exciting New Technology

Technology is always changing our world, and unattended retail is no exception. Moving forward, the most successful operators will be those who are ahead of the technology curve. With hubz smart coolers you are at the forefront of exciting new technology. You’ll have another arrow in your quiver that will set you apart from your competitors and help drive overall business growth.

With hubz smart coolers you can capture new accounts and grow your business. Visit and get started today!

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