Micro Markets are everywhere in the vending industry and operators love them due to increased revenue, improved customer engagement, and expanded services. To find success, it’s more important than ever to make sure you differentiate your business and offerings. Here are 5 features your micro market needs for you to stay ahead in the micro market game.

Powerful Management System

Proper management of a market will help you boost sales, cut costs, and increase service efficiency. Parlevel micro markets do just that – they are connected to a powerful management system which allows you to get more out of your market. This system is cloud-based, which means you can act on critical information about your markets from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Management systems contain many of the features your micro market needs.

Product Sales Recommendations

Maximizing your sales at a micro market location is key to success. Through the management system, you can act on important sales data. The system records every sale of every product and gives recommendations on which products to stock and which to replace. Stock more high-sellers, replace slow-sellers, and get more out of your market by using these recommendations. Other reports like space to sales ratios, top selling products, product sales by category, and more give you the information needed to increase sales in your market.

Micro Market Servicing Tools

Micro market customers expect excellent service, and with the Parlevel management system, you can provide it. Parlevel kiosks send live information to your management system, which means you know exactly how much product is in stock at all times. With the Stock app, you can have your driver conduct an audit of the market – recording over/shorts and spoilage to maintain an efficient market. Plus, feedback submitted through the kiosk is a click away.

Marketing Initiatives

Reward customers and strengthen your brand. Inspire repeat purchases through tools like wallet reload promotions, which encourages customers to create a virtual account on the kiosk with preloaded funds. Align your kiosk with your brand by adding Custom logos, banners, and micro market themes. Boost customer engagement, inspire repeat purchases, and benefit from increased referrals by keeping your company top of mind.

koin App

Bring your micro market to your customers mobile phones. With koin, you can let your customers view your micro market from the web or mobile app. koin Allows customers to remotely manage their accounts, check market inventory, pay for products from their phone, and provide service feedback. koin makes it more convenient for your customers to purchase products from your market, ensuring you never miss a sale. 

Micro markets are more lucrative than ever, which means they’re more competitive than ever. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing a kiosk which helps you boost sales, cut costs, and increase your customer service. Get the features your micro market needs by making the move to Parlevel kiosks today!


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