Feeling limited by your accounts? Current unattended retail technology options can constrain you to a small pool of locations. With vending machines, you can successfully serve locations that need a locked solution, but it can be tough to serve larger locations that require more product choice. Micro markets open the door to larger accounts with diverse requests, but you’re limited to locations that have little in-and-out traffic.

To service new, untapped locations, operators need a solution that combines the security of a vending machine with the product diversity of a micro market. Say hello to hubz Smart Coolers. hubz Smart Coolers are a locked cooler that only opens when somebody provides a payment option. Once opened, customers can choose from high-ticket products like salads, sandwiches, juices, and more, and the cooler will automatically recognize and charge them for what they select. Here are 5 locations for hubz Smart Coolers:


Hospital food can have a bad reputation. Cafeterias are open during limited hours, and might not serve appetizing options. Outside of cafeteria hours, vending machines struggle to provide visitors with the options they’re looking for. Both visitors and hospital staff need a solution that provides appetizing, filling, nutritious options at all hours of the day.

This is why they are great locations for hubz Smart Coolers. You can offer an appealing option to employees and visitors. hubz is secure, so you don’t need to worry about theft from transient traffic. Plus, you can stock full meal or healthy snack options as an appetizing alternative to chips and sodas commonly found in vending machines. Whether its a nurse getting off a long shift at the end of a night or a visitor looking for a good meal after a stressful day, hubz can provide options perfect for a hospital setting.

2022-09-08 11_40_11-hubz-college_720.png (720×480)College Campuses

Colleges are also ideal locations for hubz Smart Coolers. With hectic schedules, for some students, getting food or drinks can be a difficult task. Sometimes the cafeteria is too far away or by the time they finally have time to go to the cafeteria, it’s closed. Plus, campuses are spread out environments. Residence halls can be far from the dining hall, which can be a long way away from classrooms and educational buildings. Colleges need accessible food options in every corner of their campus to satisfy student cravings.

hubz can provide delicious choices that students need all over campus and at all times of the day. hubz small footprint means you can put coolers in dorm common areas, outside classrooms, or even outside a dining hall for after hours consumption. Students can even pay at hubz using campus cards for added convenience.

Airports / Transit Stations

2022-09-08 11_41_08-hubz-airport_2022.png (4951×3393)Travel can be stressful. In airports or other transit stations, travelers can have a tough time staying fueled while scurrying through security trying to make it to their gate on time. Being in a high-traffic area paired with a time crunch, getting a meal in a restaurant is sometimes viewed as not worth it for some travelers.

Stand out from the crowd by offering quick and delicious grab-and-go options. hubz can even be filled not only food and drinks, but travel essentials as well. Think items like medication, flowers, travel pillows, and more! With hubz product recognition technology, your imagination is the limit.

Shopping Malls

Bustling food courts can be a stressful experience. Often, shopping centers provide one, centralized area for food or drinks filled with long lines and middling options. With hubz, you can provide food and drink options almost anywhere. Plus, hubz is time efficient allowing shoppers to have a quick stop for a meal or snack and then continue their shopping.

hubz hotelHotels

Hotel setups often have a small market in their lobby and vending machines on certain floors. The vending machines provide a convenient guilty pleasure for patrons while the small market provides basic products at a high cost. The markets aren’t necessarily unattended. Often, the front desk employee has to check out a customer themselves.

With hubz you can eliminate the need for an attendant. hubz is a smart, self-checkout solution, which removes the burden from hotel employees. With hubz, you can provide a more convenient checkout option with a diverse array of products. Install hubz in the main lobby of the hotel or on certain floors depending on hotel size. 

These 5 locations for hubz Smart Coolers are just a handful of accounts that are possible for your unattended retail operation to serve. With hubz, you can offer attractive products in new accounts – opening your business to a world of new possibilities. Get started with hubz Smart Coolers today and grow your business.

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