hubz Smart Coolers merge the security of vending machines with the product diversity of micro markets – opening up a world of new possibilities for successful locations. Here are 5 Locations that are perfect for hubz Smart Coolers:

Airports / Transit Stations

hubz works best in areas that are highly transient, which means they have a lot of in and out traffic. Airports and transit stations are an excellent location for hubz as they have a non-stop pool of potential customers coming and going. People arriving from flights and those waiting for flights are perfect targets for impulse buys from hubz. And with hubz ability to offer product diversity, you can sell full meals, snacks, and drinks to eager customers at competitive prices.

Shopping Malls

Like transit stations, shopping malls are areas that have a lot of traffic which are traditionally underserved by unattended retail technology. Sure there is likely a food court present and some vending machines, but there aren’t many convenient options for patrons in a rush. With hubz, you can offer full meals, specialty drinks, and nutritious snacks without the hassle of a busy food court.

Medical Centers

Medical Centers have tons of traffic. Micro markets usually don’t work here because of the potential for theft, and vending machines offer limited options. Many medical centers do have some sort of cafeteria, but the hours and options can be limited. Visitors to hospitals are often in waiting areas or in the main lobby. Placing a Hubz cooler in this area will appeal to customers looking for a quick snack or a nutritious full meal.


Vending has been a mainstay of hotel properties, but again the product options are limited. Hotels often have a small area by the front desk where basic items are sold, but they require an attendant to be present. Installing hubz in the lobby will offer hotel guests great product offerings and boost security to the hotel’s snack area, while letting the front desk attendant focus on other tasks, which makes for an easy sell to these locations.

Building Lobbies

Building lobbies have constant foot traffic with returning customers. Micro markets can work in building lobbies, but there is always the potential for visitors to enter, which can lead to issues with theft. Plus, the building management may not be willing to work with you to keep the market safe and secure. With hubz you can offer a wide array of products to a captive, returning audience in a highly secure environment.

These five locations are some of the best spots to install hubz smart coolers, however, there are countless other places that would benefit from the technology. With hubz, you can offer attractive products in brand new accounts – opening your business to a world of new possibilities. Get started with hubz Smart Coolers today!

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