Parlevel micro markets provide tons of benefits for your company. The ability to offer great food and beverage options onsite help you increase employee wellness, boost productivity, and better your workplace reputation. Plus, you and your coworkers will love using our easy-to-use, touchscreen kiosk for checkout. Here are 5 micro market tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your micro market setup. 

  1. Create a Virtual Wallet – Of course you can pay at the kiosk with cash or cashless payments, but you can also pay with a virtual wallet. A virtual wallet is a stored value account that lives on the kiosk, so you can pay for products without the need to use your phone or wallet! Virtual wallets are the fastest way to pay at a Parlevel kiosk.


  1. Register for Quick Login – Register your fingerprint, badge, or key FOB to access your virtual wallet even faster! Simply walk up, scan, and checkout to enjoy a delicious lunch in seconds.


  1. Checkout Featured Products – The featured products section on the kiosk is a place where you can view notable items. New products, deals, or best-sellers can be listed here, so make sure to check it out when you’re at the kiosk! You might find your favorite new snack.


  1. Send Feedback – Parlevel kiosks have a send feedback button where you can communicate with your local micro market provider directly. If you notice something amiss with the market, you’ve had an issue checking out, or you simply want to request a new product, this is the place to do it! 


  1. Download koin – koin is a mobile app that helps you access your micro market anywhere, anytime. With koin, you can load your wallet, check market inventory, provide service feedback, and more – all from the convenience of your mobile phone.


There you have it! With these 5 micro market tips, you’ll be using your Parlevel micro market like a pro. You can take full advantage of what the market has to offer, and enjoy a delicious meal more easily than ever. Want to get a Parlevel micro market up and running in your workplace? Fill out the form below!

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