Quality micro market kiosks do more than just allow your customer to select, scan, and pay. Innovative kiosks also provide you an opportunity to customize your point of sale for further benefits. Customizing your micro market kiosk and making it truly your own boosts customer engagement, increases your company brand recognition, and grows your sales.

Here are 5 ways to customize your micro market kiosk:


1. Change your home screen – You can change the image displayed on the home screen of your micro market kiosk. Placing your company logo here increases brand recognition for your company.

2. Rotate your themes – Swap the theme displayed on your micro market kiosk to better engage your customer. Change it out for specific holidays, location types, or demographics to better cater to your audience.

3. Featured products – Show off particular items using the featured products tool. Advertise new products, announce promotions, or simply provide a faster method to checkout non-barcode items like fresh fruit to boost your sales.

4. Marquee text – Another area for you to speak directly to your audience! This scrolling text at the top of your kiosk is another way to advertise products, push promotions, or display custom messaging!

5. Custom signage – Place branded signage around the kiosk to further increase your brand, appeal to your location, or provide instruction. Custom branded headers, labeled micro market sections (drinks, food, snacks), and informative signage can all work together to inspire purchases and boost sales!

There you have it. With these 5 methods, you can customize your kiosk to reflect your brand, boost customer engagement, and run a more profitable micro market location.

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