Today’s workers are expecting more than ever. According to one report, better workplace benefits, PTO, and flexible time off are just some of the demands that working millennials ask of their employer. In this climate, high employee motivation and retention can be difficult to achieve.

Plus, with low unemployment levels, workers have more power than ever. For modern workplaces, attracting and retaining talent can be difficult. However, with the right approach, companies can both attract the right talent and provide high levels of employee motivation.

Here are 5 workplace hacks that boost employee motivation

1. Comfortable Atmosphere – A comfortable atmosphere is key to employee motivation. After all, if employees don’t like the environment they work in, they won’t want to be there. A really easy way to create a comfortable environment that is open and friendly is to bring in natural lighting. Good, natural light removes the feeling of being trapped in an office and creates a warm, inviting feeling.

Another easy way to boost workplace atmosphere is to have plants in the office. A little bit of greenery can go a long way. Plans brings some of the outside into the office and can give your workers a feeling of zen.


2. Flexible Schedules – Flexible schedules can create a positive atmosphere for your workers and can contribute greatly to employee motivation. Everyone has a life outside of the office. Flexible schedules let your workers know you respect their time and care about work life balance.

If you are flexible with your employees, they will be flexible with you. Often, workers will put in more hours into the work week if they can work some of those hours from home. A little bit of flexibility can go a long way.


3. Perks – Perks can motivate your employees because they offer rewards outside of just monetary compensation. These rewards feel more personal. Something as simple as a free t-shirt with your company logo can be extremely motivating – It can be free advertising for you, and it makes your workers feel appreciated.

You can also use perks to reward good behavior. Try putting a raffle into place. High performance or helping around the office earns an employee a ticket, which can be redeemed for an item of their choosing. A system like this is a fun way to encourage employee motivation.


4. Company-wide Events – Routine company events let your employees get to know each other and interact outside of the regular work environment. Celebrations outside of work make coworkers feel more like family – there’s a reason events like company Holiday Parties are so important for an organization. The more your employees enjoy each other, the more motivated they’ll be to work for each other.


5. Install a Micro Market – Installing a micro market is a huge contributor to employee motivation. With a micro market, you can offer fresh, delicious food and beverage options right on site. Now, employees can enjoy a snack or a full meal without the need to leave the office.

A micro market contributes heavily to the points we covered earlier. Micro market designs can allow for a more comfortable breakroom atmosphere. Meal and snack options right on site allow for more flexible schedules / breaks. You can offer micro market credit or coupons as rewards for performance. Company lunches / events can be catered through the micro market.

Micro markets are an easy way for you to boost employee motivation throughout your organization. And the best part? Installing a micro market is absolutely free for your company!

Want to boost employee motivation in your office?

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