Technology is essential in the world of vending. From card readers, to management systems and micro markets, the vending industry has become more and more dependent on technology.

But with all the different technology available, implementation can be difficult. However, if an operator can find one business that supplies all their vending solution needs, implementation is much easier, and ROI can be much higher. 

We’ll look through the eyes of ABC Vending company to see why adopting one technology supplier instead of several pays off. ABC Vending Company runs a modern day operation focusing on vending, office coffee, and micro markets services. The company knows it needs cashless readers, vending management systems, and micro market technology to find success.

Scenario 1: Multiple technology providers.

ABC Vending Company picks three different providers for their technology needs. They buy cashless readers, a management system, and micro markets from three different companies. In this scenario ABC Vending Company has significant challenges. 

Problem 1: Confusing Customer Support.

ABC Vending Company three different support teams, for their three technology providers. If something goes wrong, like their cashless reader won’t export data to their management system correctly, who do they call? Who takes responsibility? How quickly does the issue get fixed? With multiple suppliers trying to figure it out, fixing issues can be a pain.

Problem 2: Complicated Integrations.

These three service providers can’t talk to each other without technical integrations. So what does that mean for the operator? It means that ABC Vending Company cannot get a holistic view of their company without time-consuming importing / exporting of data. Costs, revenues, and profits from their different lines of businesses aren’t easily identifiable, and a big picture is hard to come by.

Problem 3: Intensive Training.

With three service providers, the company will have to train warehouse personnel, route drivers, service techs, and other workers on how to use each platform. This can take a massive amount of time and can lead to confusion when utilizing different services.

Scenario 2: An All-in-One system.

ABC Vending Company picks a single, all-in-one provider for all of their services: they buy cashless readers, a management system, and micro market kiosks all from one company. In this scenario, ABC Vending Company takes a streamlined approach and finds many benefits from using an all-in-one provider.

Benefit 1 – Easy Customer Support

ABC vending company has one point of contact to satisfy all of their technology needs. If something goes wrong, like their micro market won’t communicate with their management system, they know exactly who to call. Since the all-in-one system runs both the kiosk and the management system, the issue can be fixed with ease.

Benefit 2 – Accessible Information

ABC Vending company has all of their data is in one place – no integrations required. Hundreds of reports can be generated for all of the company’s business lines – micro market, vending, and office coffee data all lives in one place. They can see the exact figures about the entirety of their company and take informed actions as a result.

Benefit 3 – Simplified Training

With  one system , training their personnel is a breeze. Each employee has one platform to login to, one system to learn, and one system to use. Plus, new employees only have to learn one system, not multiple.

Embracing an all-in-one system like the one provided by Parlevel provides tons of benefits for ABC Vending Company.  With one service provider, communication is simplified, it’s easy to analyze the company as a whole, and training employees is more efficient. 

Want to inject technology into your operation? Switch over to an all-in-one system today, and start getting all the benefits of modern technology without any of the headaches.

Switch to an All-in-One Provider Today

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