“Our number one goal with our customers is: help them be successful,” said Tom Vogt, Vice President of Sales for AVS Companies. Founded in Chicago in 1971, AVS is a full service distributor of vending, amusement, and gaming equipment across the Midwestern United States. From the sale of equipment and parts to comprehensive repair and refurbishing, AVS offers services to make their customers’ lives easier.

This customer-oriented approach was evident at a recent open house event in their new Houston, Texas offices where AVS displayed an array of new equipment and technology solutions. The new facility enhances the service AVS can provide their customers. “The open house is something special for AVS,” said Tom. “This is the first time we’ve been able to showcase our new office…people can come experience the equipment we have, the new facility we have, and see what is new in vending.”

On display at the open house was an array of equipment from AVS’ different partners. Finding and reselling equipment from the right partners is key to the company’s success. With the right partners, AVS can offer technology and equipment to their customers that they know will be dependable, effective, and profitable.

“We help (operators) make money, help them put in the right equipment,…and get the best return for their investment,” said Tom. One equipment supplier that exemplifies the attributes AVS looks for is Parlevel Systems. Through a partnership with AVS, Parlevel offers AVS customers vending technology, micro markets, and customer support tools that help AVS provide a better service to their customers.

“Our partnership with Parlevel has been great so far,” said Tom. “Parlevel to date has been a really strong partner of ours and has proven to be a really good partner for our customers.” Both AVS and Parlevel make customer success a high priority, and the partnership between the two companies is a huge win for operators across the Midwest.

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