Hello operators! We hope you’re excited to join us for a brand new product update! We have some great new features in our system, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Bag Consolidation

The Parlevel VMS gives you the tools you need to ensure accurate cash consolidation and driver accountability, but we know not all operations run the same. We are excited to be able to provide a new way to consolidate incoming cash. Our new “Bag Consolidation” section puts money bags at the forefront of the consolidation process. This approach to consolidation can save you time when faced with a bag that has no match due to mistyped bag numbers or other unforeseen issues.

2. Micro Market Pricing

Rising business costs can come with a need for lots of price adjustments. Since Micro Markets can offer an almost limitless product selection, we want to make sure adjusting prices in your markets is an easy process. A new tool found in Market settings will allow for adjusting all products by either a flat or percentage amount. We hope this feature can save you lots of time and effort.

3. OCS

Over these past few months, our OCS platform has seen a number of updates and enhancements, you might have noticed the OCS Invoices page has had some improvements that offer a faster and easier to work with interface, along with more filter and sorting options. Additionally, Incoming OCS orders will now specify their source. At a glance see if the order came from a customer directly or was created internally. We know you’ll love these updates and we can’t wait to release more for OCS in the coming months.

4. Supplier Settings

Many product suppliers are able to offer same week delivery for certain product orders. In order to more accurately reflect how your operation orders product, it’s now possible to set multiple days of the week for a supplier’s ordering and receiving days. Supplier Order notifications in the Feed App also reflect this change. In addition, we now support multiple email contacts per supplier, to help ensure your order is properly submitted for fulfillment.

5. Prekitting Access for Drivers

In many cases, a route driver may also be the one to pre kit the product to be delivered. Driver roles are largely restricted to just driver related tasks but with a new update, they now have limited access to the warehouse prektting section of the VMS, giving them the ability to prekit the routes they are assigned to.

6. Tech Tickets

A recent update to the Stock App adds an option to view tickets by date. This new option provides Technicians with an overview of all their active and recently closed tickets. Rather than drilling down through a list of their locations, this view can help Technicians to quickly find and better prioritize critical issues.

7. Fetch

Parlevel’s Fetch feature can be a powerful option for machines placed in poor signal areas that are unable to communicate effectively. The latest version makes the Fetch process more intuitive and more visually consistent with the rest of the app.

8. Accessibility

Parlevel has dedicated even more efforts to improve the accessibility of the Stock App for our visually impaired and blind operators. The Stock App now fully supports iOS’s VoiceOver and Android’s TalkBack accessibility features. Check your phone’s accessibility settings to enable this new feature in Stock.  

Thanks for joining us for this product update! These new features and tools will help you run an even more successful business. As always, thanks for choosing Parlevel! If you have questions about any of these updates, please reach out to us!


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