Are you facing fierce competition in your area? Technology will help you win the battle. Chris Cosentino of Take a Break Vending has serviced the Bakersfield, CA area for almost 20 years. Through a combination of excellent service, Parlevel’s technology, and embracing micro markets, he has helped run a successful operation amid fierce competition.

Take a Break’s Chris Cosentino always knew technology was important to running a successful business. The first time they implemented a piece of technology into their operation was with cashless. And after seeing the profitability of cashless readers, Take a Break knew they were on the right path. They continually added more technology like guaranteed delivery systems and LED lighting to stay successful. However, the competition in the area was still nipping at their heels. “How do we stay ahead of our competition?” Cosentino wondered. “VMS was the answer.”

With a VMS from Parlevel, Take a Break was able to remotely monitor their machines. Prekitting, dynamic routing, product merchandising, and other helpful tools gave them a leg up on the competition. But Take a Break was still looking for ways to keep growing. Then, Cosentino heard about micro markets.

“We thought (micro markets) were a joke,” said Cosentino. Like the rest of the industry, the team at Take a Break didn’t understand how the concept would work. However, Cosentino’s heard stories of how much money micro markets could make and became interested in trying it out. They installed a micro market to test the concept and were amazed at the results. “Once you find that right spot and realize how profitable they can be…” – Cosnetino’s doubts were erased. He knew micro markets would be a key part of his business moving forward.

Parlevel already provided Cosentino with his VMS capabilities and he loved the system, so it was only natural that he would check out their micro market offering as well. “With Parlevel’s system and micro markets, it’s all there. I don’t have to do anything else – it’s all at my fingertips.” Parlevel micro markets gave Chris the management tools he needed to succeed. He didn’t need to change anything in his warehouse to account for micro markets. Operationally, he was able to fit a micro market business line into his existing processes quickly and efficiently. “The word is out, and micro markets are just going to keep growing,” said Cosentino. However, with Parlevel’s technology by his side, he’s confident that he’ll always quickly and effectively embrace the next big thing.