In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), tons of everyday items are being connected to the internet. Televisions, smart speakers, even toasters are put online so people can get more use out of them. And vending machines connected to the internet are no exception. Vending operations are connecting their machines to the internet to better their operations.

So what are the benefits of getting connected vending machines? With telemetry, online vending machines report sales, and operational data constantly – helping to keep track of inventory and other information. This leads to Faster Service Time – Real-time data means you can better route machines and service them through prekitting – leading to a faster service time.

Save, save, save – Operators can service connected vending machines more efficiently, while merchandising and optimizing planograms constantly to decrease spoilage.

Timely Alerts – All types of technical alerts are sent to operators via vending management systems or mobile apps. Action can be taken on breakdowns, jams, and more.

Accountability – Accurate cash accountability decreases over / shorts and builds trust with drivers.

Accurate Planograms – Inventory is updated via DEX, so product layouts are always accurate.

All of these tools lead to big results. Connected vending machines collect more money, through fewer visits. On average, operators visit machine 13% less, while collecting 42% more revenue. Increased service efficiency results in 30% faster service time, leading to adding 25% more machines per route, and a 40% fill rate with minimum stockouts. Expect fewer bring backs! Companies with offline machines experience around 30% of their product coming back on the end of the day. Online machines bring that number to less than 10%. Plus, stock-outs in connected vending machines drop to less than 10%.

Take advantage of connected vending machines. Bring your operation online to service efficiently, sell more, and satisfy your customers better than ever!

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