What a year it’s been! Even in the face of great change, and the shadow of the pandemic our industry continues to gain strength. Our operators are resilient. In 2021, Parlevel and the industry grew tremendously, and we’re in great shape to take this success into the new year.

Let’s review what happened in 2021, examine trends that will dominate the new year, and how Parlevel will help the industry find success moving forward.

The Industry

2021 was largely a bounce back for unattended retail this year. When the pandemic hit in 2020, many businesses were on pause. However, 2021 saw operators persevere and learn how to deal with the new normal. As a result, this year was one ripe with growth and opportunity.

New technology took center stage. Operators looked for new services to offer their customers. Operators who diversified, embraced new technology, and found innovative ways to run their operation found themselves successful in 2021, and Parlevel was right by their side to help them.

New Customers

In 2021, Parlevel made great achievements in many different fronts. We continued growing our customer base. Hundreds of new companies joined our platform – companies ranging from independent companies to bottlers and multi-state operations. These companies partnered with Parlevel to spend less, sell more and control a more successful business.

New Geographies

We continue to expand internationally. Parlevel now has customers in over 26 countries around the world. You can find Parlevel’s products in iconic cities around the world such as Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, Melbourne, and many more.

Current Customer Growth

Our operators continue to grow. Customers using the Parlevel platform expand their services with us 25% on average, every year. That is a metric we are particularly proud of. It shows us that our operators are not only using more products and services from our platform, but they’re also putting increased trust into Parlevel.

New Product and Services

Parlevel launched numerous new products and services to help empower our customers. To mention a few:

hubz: We delivered the hubz Smart Cooler to the industry. A locking, smart cooler that provides the product diversity of a micro market with the security of a vending machine, hubz helps operators service accounts that were previously unserviceable. With hubz, operators can capture new accounts and increase their revenue streams
Improved Cater – Cater is a self-checkout solution for campuses, hospitals, quick service restaurants, and other food operations. Through Cater, food service providers can give their customers a convenient ordering experience while boosting sales and simplifying operations. We improved the Cater app to allow for order ahead capabilities. Plus, we added new currencies and Internationalization options to allow customers around the world to take advantage of the new technology
The Parlevel Store – The Parlevel Store is the one-stop-shop for vending, micro market, and unattended technology products. The Parlevel Store has everything from Parlevel flagship products like card readers, micro markets, Cater, and hubz Smart coolers to general necessities like high-gain antennas, MDB cables, fridges, and more. The Parlevel Store makes it easier than ever to get the technology operators need, when they need it.
Third party Integrations – Third party kiosks can now be managed inside the Parlevel VMS. For these kiosks, operators can see Micro Market kiosk transactions, product inventories, prekiting and service schedules.
Parlevel’s VMS – the powerhouse of Parlevel’s products and services improves every day. We released dozens of new features and improvements to our management system for vending, office coffee, Micro Markets, Cater, hubz, and other unattended retail solutions. Many of these improvements increase the flexibility and quality of our VMS for enterprise companies. Here are some highlights:
Improved Smart Routing. Route planning in the Parlevel VMS continues to evolve from our legacy system to our newer and re-imagined Smart Routing platform. Smart Routing brings dynamic routing to the next level. With it’s core benefit being the ability to efficiently and confidently bulk plan all service routes in just a few short clicks.
Updates to OCS payments and accounts receivables. OCS account payments have been updated to be a lot more flexible. Payments can be created, deleted, and edited easily. Customers can use a payment or credit to pay down multiple invoices.
Micro Market internationalization. French and Dutch translations for markets to support growing customers in new countries.
Improved and streamlined commissions.
Expanded operator troubleshooting. New tools to improve the self-sufficiency of operators like rolling back services, deleting cash meters, and changing service types.
Improvements to offline machines servicing and functionality.
General improvements to the Parlevel suite of mobile apps and the Parlevel Link ordering platform.

What’s Coming Next Year?

In 2022, Parlevel will continue to invest in products, services, and processes that improve our customers’ businesses. Over the next year, you can expect improvements in the following areas:

We will continue to improve our current products. The VMS will become more functional with improvements in routing, reporting, and 3rd party integrations. Micro market promotions and rewards will be launched this coming year with great commercial capabilities.
New products are coming. We’ll expand the hubz business line beyond the smart cooler. We will introduce a hubz ambient solution, a hubz dual solution, among other product versions. We’ll launch a refined Micro Market Mini kiosk to better serve smaller accounts. You can also expect a new Cater kiosk version to apply to new types of locations. These, among other new products will come alive this coming year.
Parlevel services are also key for many of our operators. You can expect an expansion of our DTC program to find more, high-value accounts that desire better breakroom technology and reliable operators. We will focus on implementation assistance programs to support operators in adopting technology. We will also increase the number of financing options to help operators get the tools they need, when they need it, with friendly payment terms. These, and many more you can expect from us in 2022.

Thank you for your continued support in Parlevel. 2021 was a great year for us and the industry. Together, we can take the lessons we’ve learned this year and use them to find continued success moving forward. We thank you for your trust in Parlevel and we look forward to continuing to build great things together.

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