Playing the Vending Repair Guessing Game

Alan is a vending machine owner with over 300 machines in two cities. He has a number of different routes that he takes each week to service those machines. Almost every time he goes out to service his machines, there is always a machine that has broken down in one way or another and requires immediate vending machine repair.

Alan does not know how long his machines have been down, but he notices that there are fewer dollars in the machine than the last time he serviced it, and it is mostly stocked with product that is about to expire. A number of customers come to him and talk to him about how the machine had been broken for a while and want their money back.

Vendors, like Alan, are rarely notified when a machine breaks down and they must issue vending machine repair; they only find out when they are told by someone in the location or find the machine broken when on their routes. Whatever money that could have been earned is lost, and customers are less likely to use those machines again because they found it broken before.

Know Immediately with Vending Machine Repair Alerts

Vending machines repair is a necessity; there is no escaping that. However, with a vending management system (VMS) from Parlevel, vendors will know when their machines are not working and need vending machine repair. They can act much more quickly and proactively instead of hoping the machines are working properly when they go to service them. All it takes for proactive breakdown notifications is our software, which can be accessed from anywhere.

Vending Machine RepairTelemetry connects the vending machine to our online VMS, allowing vendors to check the status of their machines anywhere they are and see when they must deal with vending machine repair. When the hardware reads that something has gone wrong with the machine, the message is sent to vendors immediately. With our vending software, we can inform vendors what has been broken and what parts are necessary to fix it. In this manner, the next time a driver goes to repair the vending machine, or if vendors will have someone else fix machines on a specific route, there is enough information to bring the correct parts and estimate how long the vending machine repair will take.

This service offers more than just peace of mind; it offers vendors a chance to act quickly and decisively to avoid any lost product and profit due to vending machine repair. It also offers the opportunity to keep more customers because machines will be more reliable to vendors when they are not broken for extended periods of time. With vending management, everyone wins.