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We’ll stock your breakroom food and drink options with hundreds

of products your employees will love. We provide products that are

fresh, delicious, and diverse.

Give your employees the energy they need to have a happy, healthy productive day at work

Food-Drink Choices


48 percent of millennials will spend more on a meal that features a new or innovative flavor. We’ll stock a wide variety of high-quality products that appeal to different flavors and tastes. Including gluten and sugar free, and zero calorie items.


For workers that come into the workplace, you must keep them on-site. With a micro market, you can offer delicious beverages, snacks, and full meals right inside your workplace. Reduce risk by stopping your workers from leaving your building for lunch or breaks.

We know that is important for your employees to have fresh breakroom food options. We’ll routinely stock delicious options your workers will love. We can even partner with your favorite spots to give you a truly unique product mix. Of course, we’ll also stock universal products that your company knows and loves. 

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58% of American Consumers agree that it is important to eat healthy. We’ll make your breakroom an easy place to get healthy choices. Breakrooms are no longer just about impulse snacks or drinks, people need access to healthier options where they work.


Enjoy premium coffee right in your workplace. From bean-to-cup, to k-cups, specialty coffee machines and more, we’ll provide a delicious coffee option you and your employees will love.

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Every market comes standard with beverage and snack coolers, allowing for plenty of food and drink options. We’ll consult sales data to constantly update your product offerings. You and your coworkers will always have your favorite food options readily available. 

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