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Geekdom Upgrades Their Breakroom with an Office Micro Market

Geekdom is a collaborative coworking space located in downtown San Antonio. Self-described as a “gym membership for geeks,” Geekdom provides a space where entrepreneurs can form, launch, and grow innovative companies. As a collaborative environment, Geekdom is hugely focused on providing great resources to help their community of innovators.

With Parlevel markets, Geekdom can offer the food and beverage options their members love, while keeping them onsite and productive. This helps create a healthier, more convenient, and more productive work environment.

5 Workplace Hacks to Motivate Your Employees

Today’s workers are expecting more than ever. According to one report, better workplace benefits, PTO, and flexible time off are just some of the demands that working millennials ask of their employer. In this climate, high employee motivation and retention can be difficult to achieve.

Here are 5 Workplace Hacks that Boost Employee Motivation:

5 Micro Market Tips & Tricks

Parlevel micro markets provide tons of benefits for your company. The ability to offer great food and beverage options onsite help you increase employee wellness, boost productivity, and better your workplace reputation. Plus, you and your coworkers will love using our easy-to-use, touchscreen kiosk for checkout.

Here are 5 micro market tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your breakroom setup!

3 Steps to Upgrade Your Breakroom

A better breakroom is essential to the success of modern day workplaces. With Parlevel Micro Markets, you can provide a breakroom setup that offers fresh, healthy, and delicious food and beverage options right onsite. Micro markets have shown to increase employee wellness, boost employee productivity, and attract talent.

How can you get started with a new and improved upgraded breakroom?
Just 3 easy steps.