Breakroom Technology – Parlevel Systems
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Powerful Technology for Better Breakrooms

We transform ordinary work spaces into satisfied communities.


A Checkout System You’ll Love Using

Your breakroom technology is powered by Parlevel’s easy-to-use Kiosk. With a straightforward touchscreen experience, you can checkout and enjoy your product in seconds.


Say goodbye to a machine eating your money. With micro markets, you can reliably  pay however you’d like: cash, card, or mobile payments (Apple Pay and Google Pay). Instantly login to your own, personal virtual wallet via fingerprint login.


Our Kiosk makes it easier than ever for you to scan, pay, and enjoy.

Access Your Market Anywhere, Anytime

Our breakroom technology lets you connect to your market via web or smartphone with the koin app. With koin, you can remotely view micro market inventory, provide service feedback, pay from your phone, and more.


Even if there is a line at the kiosk, you can easily fire up the koin app, checkout, and go. No matter where you are, you can take your breakroom with you.


Manage Your Breakroom Services with Ease

Parlevel Link is a direct communication line where you can request specific products, coordinate on subsidies, recommend product promotions, view previous service, and more.


Link lets you collaborate with Parlevel to provide the best micro market service for your company.

Intelligent Management Systems

Parlevel breakrooms are powered by our robust management system. Your Micro Market communicates in real time, giving us live looks at inventory levels, best-selling products, and Kiosk status.


With this information, we can track what you and your coworkers are purchasing – helping us to reward loyal customers and stock products you love.


Plus, the live look into the market helps us minimize product shortages, and maximize market reliability – ensuring you uninterrupted access to your favorite snacks.


Reward Your Employees

Want to recognize high-performing employees? Reward them at your breakroom! Parlevel micro markets let you put credit on the personal wallet of any of your employees.


Plus, we constantly run different promotions and specials that you and your coworkers will love. Meal deals, buy one get ones, and other specials are available to give you a great deal at the market.

Provide a High-Tech Breakroom