Looking at adopting technology for your vending, micro market, or office coffee business? Implementing technology into your operations can be difficult, but a good start is necessary for your company’s success. After all, it’s not like you can shut down your whole operation to bring in brand new technology or processes. Implementation needs to be done while your company continues to run. That’s why you need to find a tailor-made solution for bringing your company onto technology. Here is a solid exercise: when comparing technology providers, you need to ask yourself, “what is their plan to help me get started?” Chances are, the answer to this question will give you a great idea to how successful you will be with their technology.

Whether it is credit card readers, vending management systems, micro markets, or other technology tools, you need a solid plan in place to successfully use the technology.¬†At Parlevel Systems, helping operators skillfully use technology to grow their business is a key foundation of our culture. We ensure this for our customers by taking a both proactive and reactive approach. For example, every new customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager to help implement technology. This Customer Success Manager will work one-on-one with an operator to audit a business and come up with a plan for success. We’ll help you collect and import machine data, help you install hardware, and train you and your team to use our systems like a pro. With this proactive approach to training, your company will be expertly set up to use and benefit from your technology.

Our Customer Support department, on the other hand, takes a more reactive approach to potential concerns. Have a question about the system? Shoot us a message, email, or give us a phone call and our Customer Support team will help you solve any potential problem within minutes. And this support isn’t limited to business owners. Any member of your team can contact us for assistance at any time.

Your success is our success. We don’t view operators as customers, but as business partners. After all, the more your business grows, the more we grow with you! That’s why we ensure companies of all shapes and sizes – companies just like yours – are properly trained and supported to get the most success out of the technology they need.