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Parlevel started with an idea to build a product and service to help vending operations run better. After years of expanding and building on that initial thought, Parlevel has gone above and beyond to become a major player in the wide world of unattended retail.


Today, our mission is to build better workplaces. To that end, Parlevel has created the most robust set of management, sales, and self-checkout tools for the unattended food and beverage industry. Present in 22 countries and counting, Parlevel has become the backbone of hundreds of businesses around the world, helping them to spend less, sell more, and optimize their operations.


We’ve found this success by building and maintaining a culture that values both personal and professional growth. Our goal isn’t to create a work / life balance that is separate from each other, but rather a workplace where the professional and personal life complement and harmonize with each other.


At Parlevel, everybody contributes. Each individual gets the chance to leave their fingerprints on our products and services, and make key influences on the company. Every role, team, and department relies on one another to create something truly special. When we all work together, we achieve great things.


Our greatest achievement is the daily impact we leave on our customers. We work extremely closely with the people that depend on our tools every day, and we are heavily invested in the success of their businesses. Every decision we make at Parlevel affects the overall well-being of thousands of people around the world, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.


With the right people, the right culture, and the right products, Parlevel is creating something truly special. And we won’t ever stop building something we can be proud of together.

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Parlevel has identified personalities, experiences, and behaviors that fit well in our culture. We defined these as our company DNA:


Driven / Hungry:
Motivated to achieve – never satisfied – wants to do better – wants to take on more.


Curious / Intelligent:
Asks questions and wants to learn – capacity to learn and change approach.


Consistent / Conscientious:
Always delivers – goal oriented – self- disciplined – dependable.


Resilient / Flexible:
Tenacious – overcomes obstacles – finds solutions – iterates an approach based on new information.


Humble / People-Smart:
Low ego – puts team first – understands how to work with a team – understands what to say, how, and when.


Build Better Workplaces.