VMS & You

A vending machine can last from 20 to 30 years or more if maintained properly. This makes it difficult for vendors to accept new innovations in vending machine technology into their businesses without incurring large upfront costs. This is why having a vending management system (VMS) from Parlevel can update your machines and give you the intelligence necessary to maximize profit in your business.

For this series of blogs, we will be discussing the benefits of a VMS for you to have a better understanding of how using our system can make your business much more efficient and profitable. To begin with, we will discuss how a VMS can give you cash management like never before.

Vending Cash Management

Vending is a cash business for the most part. With people carrying less cash than before, there has been a movement towards cashless payments, but many vending machines do not have credit card readers. Therefore, comprehensive cash management solutions are integral for success.

When machines are serviced, the drivers take the cash from the machines and report how much has been earned. This gives drivers a large opportunity to steal. They can take a handful of coins or a few dollar bills from the machines or even go as far as stocking the machines with their own product and reporting that the machine is not selling.

Vendors have to put a lot of trust in their drivers to deliver all of the money earned on each machine because there is no way for vendors to know how much money is in their machines beforehand. With a VMS, cash management becomes a reality.

Parlevel VMS Cash ManagementA VMS offers real time updates on when products are being sold and how much money will be in every machine. Before drivers go out on their routes, vendors can see how much money they should be expecting by the end of the day. If there are any discrepancies, that will be a red flag on the driver. Thus, VMS ensures proper cash management practices and ensure trust between vendors and their drivers.

Intelligent VMS with Parlevel Systems

With Parlevel, this information is stored in the cloud, giving the vendor a chance to access the information securely from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Our VMS takes away all of the guesswork in a vendor’s business and gives vendors proper cash management information. Employee theft will be significantly reduced if not eliminated.