What exactly are the cashless reader results when adding the technology? Cashless readers help your machines sell more. Did you know? 51% of Americans under age 30 prefer to use cards for their purchases under $5. 92.1% of operators report using cashless devices on their machines to increase sales.

Cashless readers help you cater to more customers by providing bank card, campus card, and mobile methods of payment. Schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, and airports are some of the places where card readers perform best.

Vending operators who embrace the technology experience great cashless reader results. They see higher ticket transactions – the average cash ticket is $1.21 while the average cashless ticket is $1.60. Plus, these sales are boosted over time – growing 84% over the first year.

Machines with cashless devices experience more than $103 in cashless sales per month. Plus, the average machine experiences more sales per service – operators pull $90 on average from cash only machines, but pull $128 from machines with a card reader. With cashless devices, both cash and card sales grow – Cash sales increase 10% and cashless sales increase 32% – adding a 42% bump in total sales.

Check out the Infographic

Cashless Infographic Parlevel

Whichever way you slice it, card readers boost total machine sales. Go cashless today and start making more money.

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