Cater is a checkout solution for campus and restaurants that enables food service providers to better serve their customers. With Cater, these locations can create a convenient ordering experience, boost sales, and simplify operations. So what do these gains look like in a real world example? We looked at the Cater campus stats of a single campus environment over 2020 to see the impact Cater can have.

During 12 months of operation, Cater accepted 138,492 total orders with a total of $1,188,981 dollars processed. Broken down into daily numbers, Cater saw a daily use of 698 customers. The average transaction amount per purchase was $8.60. From these sales, $93,837 were generated from Cater’s add-on feature, which allows locations to upsell customization items. The top money-making add ons were from grilled chicken, bacon and avocado options.

Cater can support an environment offering service throughout the day. The Cater Campus Manager dashboard can break down Sales by shift to help locations better understand their customers. In this scenario, Breakfast accounted for 20% of sales, Lunch had 44%, and dinner represented 36% of total sales. Through Cater, customers can choose to tip their food service provider. Through the tip option, this campus generated an additional $58,089 in tips which represented 4.8% of the total revenue. Plus, 35% of all Cater customers tipped.

Outside of the self-checkout kiosk and campus manager app, Cater comes with a Kitchen Display System to help manage orders. Using the KDS, the average time to complete an order was just 4 Minutes.

How much did the Cater Campus stats improve the campus experience versus their old system? We’ll let Campus Dining manager Luis Duron share his experience. 

“The kiosk provides a much better ordering experience and has simplified the check out process for our customers. Customers can see our full menu with nice pictures and can now order and pay faster than the old paper-based system we use to have. We also Avoid direct contact with people, making the interaction safer for our staff and our customers.”

Over the course of the year, we worked directly with the Campus to understand their needs and expand Cater’s capabilities appropriately. We partnered with Square to provide a better checkout experience! Plus we expanded the capabilities of the Cater mobile app to include order ahead, notifications when items are ready, and virtual receipts. We’ll continue to help the campus achieve more by introducing new features across such as  meal vouchers, loyalty programs and more.

After reviewing the Cater Campus stats, this location was able to boost their sales, streamline their operations, and improve the customer experience. Get started with Cater today and watch your business grow!

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