Cater is an unattended checkout solution for campus and restaurant environments that helps food service providers to better serve their customers. With easy ordering, rapid fulfillment, and powerful analytics, Cater provides an excellent customer experience while boosting sales. So how exactly does Cater work, and how can you take advantage of the technology? Let’s dive in!

What are all the different parts of Cater?

Cater consists of  ordering platforms, a Kitchen Display System or KDS, and a manager dashboard. Ordering is powered through the cater kiosk and cater mobile app, which lets customers quickly browse menus, select items, customize those items, and pay for their orders.

Orders are then pushed to the KDS, which conveniently displays order information for the kitchen crew. Here, service providers can track and fulfill incoming orders. Information provided on the KDS includes; order name or name, method of order, time in queue, completion and push notifications to the end user. There are also methods of quickly enabling/disabling menu items and reordering the menu.

Finally, the manager dashboard lets businesses act on information to speed up orders, upsell items, and increase location sales.  This robust and user friendly dashboard allows you to build and customize menus, modifiers/addons to menu items, change pricing and pictures, manage users and wallet balances and contains powerful analytics to pinpoint methods to increase profitability. 

What locations would benefit from Cater?

Cater is the ideal solution for campus environments, cafeterias, and restaurants. For example, campus environments like office buildings, educational facilities, and business parks are perfect for Cater. These locations often have multiple food and beverage providers spread out across an area that has the same clientele every day. Customers at these locations can quickly browse all providers in their location, easily login to order, and grab their order right when they need it.

Cafeterias like those present at hospitals or food courts also benefit from Cater. Again, there are often multiple vendors selling made-to-order food as well as a combination of grab-and-go items. Customers here can quickly select the items they want and checkout without the need to interact with a cashier.

Fast-casual and quick-service restaurants can also benefit from Cater. The kiosk will reduce the reliance and need to hire cashiers and personnel. This is especially important with the labor shortage the food-service and retail industries are experiencing.

What are some of the features of the Cater kiosk?

Cater allows the option to be able to show multiple food options through one ordering platform, mitigating the need to walk and decide what you want to order. Plus, menu set ups are simple and customization options are endless – customers can use the huge interactive touch screen for easy menu browsing. Cater also offers RFID badge logins for quick purchases, a cashless reader that enables multiple payment options, a barcode scanner for easy grab and go, and both virtual and physical receipts.

How does a customer order?

Ordering from cater is simple. A customer can use the kiosk to log in to their account or continue as a guest. Customers can then browse different food providers in their area and select items that are fully customizable.. At any time, a customer can also scan grab-and-go items directly into the kiosk. Once the cart is filled, the customer can click the checkout button where they can choose payment options, leave a tip, and get a receipt. The receipt can also be printed, emailed or texted. 

Alternatively, customers can use the Cater mobile app to order anywhere, anytime. Simply fire up the Cater app, and customers can select providers and items just as though they were at the Cater kiosk. The app uses geolocating to determine the exact location the customer is in for campus options, allowing companies to utilize this across multiple campuses

How does a customer know when an order is ready?

A customer knows their order is ready when the kitchen staff successfully marks the items as prepared at the KDS. Once done, a push notification will be delivered to the customer via app notification. This lets the customer know to grab their food as soon as it is ready.

How can I get started?

Getting started with Cater is easy. We’ll work with your team to understand the needs of your specific situation. Whether you are a college campus, office building, hospital, or restaurant, we will help you upload menus, train personnel, and learn the ins and outs of the system. Plus, our 7-day-a-week support team is available via phone, email, or chat to help you solve any questions that may arise.

We hope this answers some questions you have on Cater. With Cater, you can provide excellent service, while increasing your profitability. Visit to get started today!


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