Say hello to Cater – a campus and restaurant checkout solution that enables food and beverage providers to create a convenient ordering experience for their customers. Cater is a self checkout tool designed specifically for campus and restaurant environments to help improve the customer experience. Cater consists of a self-checkout kiosk for easy ordering, a handy mobile app for purchasing on the go and Cater order ahead, a Kitchen Display System that helps staff efficiently tackle orders, and an insightful campus dashboard to help managers make informed decisions. 

Ordering through Cater works like this: The Cater kiosk uses an intuitive touchscreen that gives easy access to attractive menus to all food and beverage providers in a location. From the kiosk, customers can select an item through the touchscreen, or they can scan a product barcode for easy grab and go. Customers can also order through the Cater mobile app. Using the Cater mobile app, customers can see the cafeteria offerings on their phone, select items, check prices, customize orders, pay, and schedule a pickup time! Ordering ahead of time has never been easier – the Cater app will let customers know right when their order is ready for pick up at the counter. 

Provide convenient ordering with Cater Order Ahead. With Order Ahead, customers can use their mobile phones to easily access menus and purchase a meal wherever they are. Once an order is placed, your customers can choose to have it ready immediately, within hours, or even schedule pickup days in advance. The Cater App then sends real-time notifications about order progress – helping customers grab their purchase as soon as it’s ready. Cater order ahead helps customers plan out meals, avoid lines, and get more out of their day. Plus, you can improve your operations by expanding order flexibility, selling more through customizable add-ons, and creating a more engaging experience. Get started with Cater today and serve your customers better.

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