Modern day cafeterias can be tough to navigate. From long lines to slow food preparation and confusing delivery, grabbing a quick bite to eat can actually take a long time. Say hello to Cater self-checkout, a kiosk that improves the cafeteria experience. Skip the line, order easily, and get your order right when you need it.

Ordering through Cater is fast and easy. From the Cater self-checkout kiosk, you can quickly see every food and beverage provider in your area and browse their products. Once you select a product, you can modify and customize your order to get exactly what you want. Want to buy grab and go items? No problem! Cater has a built-in barcode scanner so you can scan items directly into your cart. Looking to order on the go? Skip the line and order directly from your smartphone using the Cater mobile app. See cafeteria offerings, select items, check prices, customize items, and schedule orders ahead of time! Choose your order to be ready immediately, within hours, or even days in advance!

Once you order, the Cater app will then send you real-time notifications about your order progress – helping you grab your purchase as soon as it’s ready. Order more than just food. If your location provides it, you can even use Cater to order everyday essentials like car washes, laundry service, and workout classes. The Cater self-checkout experience makes it easy for you to buy, pick up, and enjoy!


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