Hello everyone! I’m going to show you Cater –  a self-checkout solution for dining and campus facilities, hospitals, and restaurants that enables food service providers to better serve their customers. Cater consists of four solutions: Engaging self-checkout kiosks, a mobile app for order ahead and rewards, a Kitchen Display System or KDS, and a manager dashboard. Through Cater, you can create a fast, safe and convenient ordering experience, boost sales, and simplify operations.

Let’s start with the Cater kiosk. The Cater kiosk is built to attract customers and help them easily order from food providers. The kiosk is a self-standing unit that is navigated through a massive 32” touch screen. Customers can use the touch screen to access attractive menu options that are available in their location. The seamless purchase experience offers a warm, fully-automated self-service experience that makes it easy to select items, customize products, and choose how to pay.

The kiosk is equipped with a payment terminal that accepts credit, debit, NFC and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Plus, a built-in RFID scanner allows customers to login to a virtual account via company badge or campus card. Customers can utilize the barcode scanner below to scan grab and go options – allowing for ultimate convenience. The Cater kiosk serves not only as a checkout point of sale but also as a micro market – what a powerful combination! While all customers can request a virtual receipt by text message or email, a receipt printer can also print physical copies for customers who need them. Here’s exactly how ordering works:

Customers simply tap the touchscreen to begin ordering. They can create an account or continue as a guest. Logging in gives the ability to create a mobile wallet for faster purchasing and email/push notification receipts and relays that information to their phone app. Customers can also tie an RFID badge to their account for rapid login.

From there, customers are presented with the menu options the location provides. Some locations may have multiple vendors. If that is the case, Carter also offers a multi-vendor option in the kiosk. Once the customer selects a product, the opportunity to add different modifiers is shown as an option. The customer can also add notes to the order. From here, customers can select the check out option to close the selection. 

Upon clicking checkout, an order display screen is shown which shows the order in detail. The customer can then proceed with the checkout process or modify an item in the list. The customer can also choose to tip for the service with a few simple touches. And finally, the customers can pay for the order with a credit or debit card, with their mobile phone, or mobile wallet.

Once the payment is processed, customers can choose to receive a paper, email or text-message order receipt.

Outside of the Cater Kiosk, customers can also order anywhere at any time with the Cater mobile app. Through the app, customers can see menu offerings on their phone, select items, check prices, customize orders, and pay wherever they are. Customers can even schedule pickup to be ready immediately, within hours, or even days in advance – an incredible sales tool! By using the kiosk or the mobile application, your customers can order in convenient ways – helping them to plan out meals, avoid lines, and get more out of their day. In addition to these benefits, you’ll improve your operations by expanding order flexibility, selling more, and creating a more engaging experience.

Let’s review the next portion of Cater – the KDS. Once a customer orders, the information is sent to the KDS for order fulfillment. The KDS displays color-coded cards, smart timers, order priorities, friendly order names or numbers, and other crucial information to help your kitchen staff manage and fulfill orders more efficiently. Plus, you can measure performance factors on items, modifiers, and turn around times. While the KDS allows you to go paperless with order fulfillment, ticket printer options are also supported.Once an order has been completed, the customer will immediately receive a notification via phone push notification and email. The KDS allows a user with the right permissions to reorder the menu and 86 items.

Let’s check out the last piece of Cater – the manager dashboard. The manager dashboard utilizes powerful management tools to help you speed up orders, upsell, and increase location sales. This robust and user-friendly dashboard allows you to build and customize menus, tweak modifiers, and allow for addons to menu items. With a few clicks, managers can change pricing and product pictures, 86 items, manage users, review wallet balances, check sales, identify trends, see daily deposits, and much more. With the manager dashboard, you can act on pivotal information to increase sales and boost customer engagement.

Cater is a robust self-checkout solution built to help food service providers in campus, hospital, and restaurant environments. With Cater, you can streamline your ordering process to create a more cost-efficient and engaging customer experience. Make the move to Cater today and serve your customers better than ever.

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