Lufkin Coke has served the city of Lufkin, TX since 1905. It’s rare to find a business that has been successful for over 100 years. Along the way, Lufkin Coke has learned some business savvy that has kept them going strong all this time.

Patrick Haney and Daniel Aguilar both run Vend-Buffet – an arm of Lufkin Coke. Vend-Buffet provides both snack and soda machines to locations in the city of Lufkin. Patrick and Daniel are recent additions to the Vend-Buffet arm, but quickly realized they could make their operation stronger than ever. Their solution? Technology.

Patrick and Daniel realized something that keeps businesses operating for over 100 years, “we either needed to get with (technology) or get without it.” Some of their competitors in the region had been winning accounts by offering advanced technology in the area. Credit card readers, machine monitoring, and real-time data were all things that Vend-Buffet knew they needed to pursue to keep a leg up on their competition.

To get the technology they needed, Vend Buffet turned to Parlevel Systems. After just four months of using Parlevel’s technology, Vend-Buffet has already noticed huge results, “the visibility is second to none,” said Patrick.

With Parlevel at their back, Vend-Buffet is well-suited to take their success into the future. “We want to be able to better service and do better by those people…thats what the technology will lead us into.”

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