Company culture, or the way a company behaves, manages, and communicates with their employees and customers, is a big topic of discussion for people looking for jobs they can enjoy and companies looking for excellent people to hire. In this series of blogs, I will feature some helpful resources for people to find out their perfect fit and how vending companies can use this information to make their organizations better.

There is not a lot of talk that I have heard of within the vending industry when it comes to company culture. There could be a number of reasons why that is, but I am not here to speculate. I assert that considering company culture and trying to find people that fit with that culture is important to keep an organization running and a business growing. According to an infographic produced by Resoomay, a software company that has made an easy way for people to be interviewed and screened remotely using video, the cost of having a bad employee in an organization is high. For vendors, a bad employee could be one who steals money from you, is dishonest, or is reckless with your assets, among other things that could damage your business and cost you money.

Therefore, being able to understand people before you hire them and see how they fit in an organization can not only make working in vending better, but it can also save thousands of dollars over time.

For the first of this series of blogs, I want to introduce a service that I use often and am very excited about:

With, all it takes is to take a simple quiz with less than 20 questions. Afterwards, the system will measure your personality based on your answers and give you a result. Most people will be a mixture of personality profiles, such as “Socialite,” “Inventor,” or “Strategist.”

Using archetypes to define your personality, then explains in further detail what it all means and how you prefer to work with others. For example, as a “Humanitarian,” I enjoy helping others and encouraging them. As a “Caretaker,” I am compassionate with my team, and as an “Advocate,” I strongly support others and thrive in a close knit team. This all explains why I enjoy working in my current place of work, Parlevel Systems.

After spending some time reading about your results, you can take a different test to get the personality of your employer. measures your “FitScore” with your employer or company. Are you not liking your current job, or are you finding that the job is really satisfying? The FitScore can help shed some light on why things are going poorly or well at your job, and it can also help determine the best way people can work together.

For the vending industry, this would work great for vendors looking to hire people for their company. It gives them a means to measure their culture and the personalities of those looking to be hired by the company. It can make working in vending that much sweeter knowing that the people around you all are working toward the same goal.

The best part about all of this is that it is very easy to use. You can start with a free account by simply logging on to the website and using the code “ParLevel” (without quotations). Anyone you want to have use this website can also use the code “ParLevel,” and you can immediately see the results.

When you go to, look at the top right hand corner of the screen. You should see this button. Once you press it, type in your email address and the code “ParLevel.”

From there, will walk you through the process, and you can start measuring your personality, how well you fit with others, and how people fit with your company.

Many thanks to the people at for providing us with this offer code and chance for the vending industry to try out something amazing!