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Vending Free Shipping

Parlevel Micro Market Kiosks

Micro Market Max: Boost your sales in larger breakrooms. The Max Kiosk includes a fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, cashless & cash payment acceptors, and built-in webcam.


Micro Market Mini: Offer a full checkout kiosk in a smaller package. Micro Market Mini can fit in locations that traditional Kiosks cannot.

Parlevel Pay Card Readers

Accept more payments, put more money in your pocket.


Enable credit and debit card payments, mobile payments, loyalty cards, and campus cards. Backed by secure gateways, with transparent billing, and the most robust vending management system in the industry. Take advantage of 24/7 support that will guide you through quick setup and installation.


Parlevel Box Telemeters

Use Parlevel Box Telemeters to Seamlessly Connect to Parlevel’s Vending Management System (VMS).


Cut costs, boost sales, and take control of your business like never before. Optimize your operation with powerful vending management tools like smart routing, machine breakdown alerts, warehousing, and many more.

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