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Parlevel’s technology helps Golden Age Canteen run a profitable business.

We got into Micro Markets because of the demand. The word’s out on them. Either jump on board or let it go by you. It’s a monster that’s not going to stop growing.

Chris Cosentino, Take a Break Vending CA

One vending bank brings in $1000 a month – with markets we can up to triple that number. At the highest, we’ve seen it go up to quadrupling our sales. We had one account that did $30,000 a year go up to $120,000 a year.

Eric Leal, Leal Snacks TX

Parlevel’s customer service is top notch. Within minutes, I can expect assistance from Parlevel performed with a high level of competence.

Anton Novak, Sterling Group NV

We recognized that implementing a VMS would have a long-reaching impact on our business, so we took a cautious approach. It was quickly apparent that the Parlevel VMS offered everything we needed.

Ryan Harrington, Royal Vending OR

Our partnership with Parlevel optimized our machines and made them really, really strong. We were able to boost gross overall sales by 20% and pull an extra $100 per machine every time we serviced them.

Tanner Andrews, Nebraska Sports Nutrition

I don’t have to be an IT expert to use the Parlevel system. I know exactly what is going on with my business from anywhere, and I didn’t have to invest in expensive equipment or IT consulting to make it happen.

Mike Kever, Advantage Vending & Coffee Services

Choosing Parlevel’s vending management software was one of the best business decisions we ever made. It is affordable, easy-to-use and very flexible. On top of that, the support we get from Parlevel is outstanding.

GP Macerola, Rome's Refreshments

Parlevel is unique in that many of the company’s executives have hands-on experience in the vending industry. This expertise made the decision to partner with Parlevel an easy one. We speak the same language and they know instinctively how to apply technology that will translate into results.

Bill Meckstroth, Midwest Refreshments OH

Micro Markets are not only great from our perspective but they really give the customer a much better experience. (Micro Markets) let you touch the product, it’s a much more interactive experience.

Cory Lamb, Mahaska

I’ve been in the vending business since 1969 and Parlevel is one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with. Not because everything goes right all the time, but because I can pick up the phone, talk to a real/genuine person who actually cares, and have my issue fixed.

Mike Ballif, Blue Ribbon Vending TX