Zachary Oliver, owner and operator of Dependable Vending in California, describes his experience using Parlevel’s all-in-one vending technology to effectively run his operation:

Dependable Vending has over 1100 machines and over 20 micro markets. As a company with varied business lines, they needed an all-in-one technology provider to help them run their business. “Rather than keeping them seperate…it makes it a much simpler task,” says¬†Zachary.

Dependable decided to go 100% online with Parlevel and quickly experienced the benefits of the system. With prekitting, dynamic routing, and other tools, Dependable was able to cut down on routing expenses. “We should be at 23, but because of Parlevel, we are down to 16 routes,” says Zachary. The savings from cutting those routes totaled $400,ooo in savings.

Tools like product merchandising helped Dependable identify which products sold well and which ones did not. This helped them cut down on the number of SKUs they managed in their business. With fewer SKUs, warehouse management became streamlined, ordering was simpler, and fewer products expired.  Plus, Dependable placed high-sellers in their machines and experienced increased machine sales.

Aside from purely monetary gains, Dependable relies on the system to manage accounts, run reports, respond to customers, and much more. Before Parlevel, only a few people in company knew about accounts. With the technology, everyone in the company can quickly know about machines, locations, and other account details.

Parlevel also gave Dependable the ability to quickly manage their workforce and adapt to customer needs. With varying roles in Parlevel vending management system (VMS), different employees had access to different modules. Warehouse workers focused on prekitting, drivers quickly knew their routes, and back office managers could easily view reports. Top to bottom – Parlevel helped Zachary and Dependable Vending spend less, sell more, and optimize their operations.

“It doesn’t take a couple of months to figure that stuff out…it can literally happen in a couple of days,” says Zachary.