We’ve made new updates to enhance your Micro Market offering! With these new features, you will be able to enhance sales, increase engagement, and boost customer satisfaction at your Micro Market setup. See how you can benefit from these awesome new features below:

Micro Market Setup Banner

Engage Your Customers with Micro Market Banners

Want to advertise a specific product, deal, or message in your Micro Market Kiosk? Now you can with custom Micro Market banners!

Micro Market banners appear on the top of your Micro Market Kiosk, and you can use any image you’d like. Advertise that new product you want to push, showcase your business’ other product lines, or inspire your customers to download a Micro Market app. When it comes to these ads, your imagination is the limit. Use these banners to boost market sales, engage your customers, or advertise your business!



Speed-Up Transaction Times with Enhanced Search

Speed up transaction times and boost your market sales with our enhanced search feature. With enhanced search, search results update as customers type – helping them buy their products even faster.

With enhanced search, your customers can find their items and checkout within seconds. No more will your customer’s be frustrated with repeat unsuccessful barcode scans or annoyed at hunting through hundreds of product. They can find the product they need to purchase quickly and easily. This helps you reduce lines at your Micro Market setup, boost sales, and increase customer satisfaction.



Cash Reload Promotions

Motivate your customers to use their wallets through cash reload promotions. Give them bonus credit when adding funds to their wallet with cash. For example, put in $10 and get an extra $1 in their accounts.

While wallet reload incentives have always existed for cashless payments, you can now appeal to your customers no matter their payment preference. This increases engagement and satisfaction for all of your Micro Market customers!

Any other features you want to see in your Micro Market? Drop us a comment, email, or phone-call and let us know!