Looking to check vending machine cashless compatibility? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a handy list, sorted by manufacturer, to let you know if your machines are compatible with contemporary cashless readers.

Please note, this list covers machines up to the year 2015. Chances are, if your machine was manufactured after that date, it’s a good bet that your machine can be fitted with cashless readers.

This list is not the final word on whether your machine is 100% able to accept cashless or not. We intend this list to be a quick guide to see which machines generally accept cashless readers. We put this list together by referencing the MDB and DEX capability of machines. MDB, or multidrop bus, is a port which lets you plugin a cashless reader to your machine. DEX, which stands for data exchange, is a port which let’s your machine communicate robust data to a VMS (vending management system). Most machines that are MDB capable can accept card readers, but not all of them. MDB only machines can not give you in-depth reporting. To be safe, your machine must be both MDB and DEX capable to get the most out of your cashless readers.

Reference the list below to see if your machine is compatible with cashless readers! Machine compatibility is listed as “yes,” “no,” or “Yes with Upgrade.” “Yes with Upgrade.” machines may require upgraded boards, specific configurations, or additional hardware. Don’t see your machine below? Reach out to us and we’ll help you identify compatibility! 



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