Most vending operators know that guesswork and gut feelings have long ruled the industry.  These uncertainties can lead to a variety of questions for vending operators. Which machines need to be serviced? How long have my best performing products been sold out for? How much cash is expected at the end of the day? These uncertainties can drive vending operators crazy, and may often lead to an increased opportunity for error. What if you bring inventory to a machine that is almost full? What if you find a machine has been broken for a week? Not only did you waste time and money stopping at these locations, but you miss out on potential profits. Imagine a management system that could help you avoid these costly scenarios from happening while increasing the opportunity for profits. A vending management system (or VMS), does just that. With a VMS, you have the ability to see what is happening with your vending operation at any time, from any location, and on any device.

What Is a Vending Management System?

So what exactly is a VMS, and why should I care? A VMS is a system or software that gives you the ability to “see inside” your machine even when you are not physically there. You can see if you have any broken machines, if there is any sold-out inventory, and the exact cash inside the machine. A VMS can also give you updates on your routes and even optimize these routes for you. Essentially, a VMS looks at the information about your vending machine operation and presents it to you in a simple and useful way. You can act with a certainty that prevents you from misusing your time and money, and will also lead to a boost in sales and profits. After adopting our VMS, Parlevel’s operators experienced a drastic 140% route efficiency increase, while another operator cut operating expenses by 25%.

How Can a VMS Help Me?

Just like the two successful operators mentioned above, a VMS can help your vending operation succeed by providing unparalleled control of your operation. Hourly updates can alert you to machine breakdowns, cash levels in machines, par level for inventory, and more. Customers won’t miss out on buying their favorite soda or snack, nor will you finish your route with snacks and soda still in your truck.

A VMS can also provide detailed sales reports that can inform you of your best-selling products in a machine-by-machine basis. You will know ahead of time if those dusty old pretzels have been sitting there for weeks, and you can sub them out for something that with a higher sales performance. With a VMS, you can reap the profits of being able to supply the right demand at the right time in the right machine. These are just a few examples of what an effective VMS can help optimize virtually every aspect of your vending operation.

VMS Inventory Management

Take uncertainty out of the equation, and put yourself in control of your vending operation. Let a VMS give you access to the information you need and the control you desire. Your bank account will thank you for it.