Vending Management for Existing Equipment - Parlevel Systems
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Use Existing Hardware To Access The Most Useful Software In The Industry

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:


1.  Send us a list of your current devices.

2.  We will work with you and your current provider to connect your units to the Parlevel System.

3.  See your machines report in our system, and begin taking control of your operations.

two man's hands counting money

 Boost Machine Sales


Add money-making functionalities to your machines. Product merchandising recommendations will help you stock the right products for each machine and increase overall sales.

Cut Operational Costs

Use full-fledged prekitting and dynamic routing tools to bring the right amount of product to the right machine, every time. Decrease labor costs, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and improve your bottom line.

January 24, 2015: Vending machine at Subway Train

Increase Cash Accountability

Know exactly how much money your drivers should return with from every route. Monitor your drivers as they move from location to location. Cut down on theft and establish trust with your employees.

Get Started with Parlevel’s VMS

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within minutes.