A Focus on Employee Wellness

“Oh wow! They have their own convenience store here!”

As the new class of hires for GC Services, a contact center with over 10,000 employees nationwide, walks through the Waco facility for the first time, an exciting area catches their eyes. Sitting in the workplace’s breakroom is a brand new micro market. A micro market is a self-checkout, breakroom solution with fresh food, drinks, and snacks that employees can use right on site.

“We want to promote wellness,” said Kevin Hollingsworth, Director of Operations at GC Services. As a contact center, it is imperative that employees enjoy coming to work every day. With a micro market providing healthy, enjoyable meals right on-site, it’s easier for Kevin to give his team the employee wellness and motivation they need.

“We had a vending machine and it was really basic,” said Kevin. “We didn’t have fresh food, drinks…options like sandwiches burritos.”

“(Micro Markets) have really helped the employees – (they) have a little bit of something for everyone,” said Kevin. “It really checked all the boxes for what they want.”

Boosted Productivity

Not only have micro markets helped GC Services promote employee wellness, but it has encouraged employees to stay on site as well.

“The nice thing is that all the feedback has been positive,” said Kevin. “They really appreciate the market, they like the variety, the healthier choices. It saves them time. It helps their lifestyle and helps their wellness.”

Kevin was initially nervous about the micro market, as it was a totally new concept. But has he interacted with the market and heard the feedback from his employees, he realized having the market was an advantage. Plus, the technology behind the market was easy to use.

“I’m not technologically inclined, (and) I figured it out really quickly,” said Kevin. “It is very intuitive, it really walks you through the steps.”

While GC Services has only had the micro market for a few weeks, they are excited to see that the new concept is working for them and their employees. Motivation and employee wellness have boosted considerably. And Kevin’s advice to other offices looking at micro markets?

“My experience so far since putting it in is that it has been a benefit,” said Kevin. “It is a no-brainer for me.”

Get a Free Micro Market in Your Breakroom!

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