A lot has changed in the last year. Since the pandemic hit, many offices sent their workers to work from home. As the pandemic eases and more people get vaccinated, many offices are working to get their workers back to the office. However, not all workers are on board, as many enjoyed the luxuries of working from home. The solution is somewhere in the middle with offices choosing to implement a hybrid style. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are all embracing this model. However, many companies want to get workers back to the office as much as possible.

There are undeniably perks to having your employees in the office. Increased collaboration, more sparks of creativity, and better company culture are just a few benefits of having workers in the office. But how can you get them there on terms they are comfortable with? Here are 4 ways to get workers back to the office:


A flexible work-life balance is great for motivating a workspace. Giving employees the option to come to the workplace can motivate them to come in on their own terms. With flexible work arrangements, employees can have more control over their schedules and greater flexibility in meeting personal and professional responsibilities. The company can give a minimum of days required in the office, or leave it entirely up to the employee. By giving employees a choice, this helps employees enjoy the time they do spend in the office.


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Employees will be reluctant to return to the office if you don’t advertise your health and safety protocols. Keep your employees safe by providing and communicating your health and safety measures. These measures may include wearing masks, desk spacing and workspace layout, staggered and alternating work schedules, and enhanced sanitation. Taking these steps will help your employees to feel safe and comfortable in their working environment. 

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Humans are social creatures. During the pandemic, 36% of surveyed Americans reported feeling lonely frequently. Many social interactions come through the workplace, and without a workplace to visit, employees can feel alone. The opportunity to return to the workplace gives people a chance to grow closer with co-workers and build healthy working relationships, while also contributing to better mental health. Advertise office events, group outings, and happy hours to inspire your workers to return to the office.












There are amenities your office can offer that employees cannot get at home. Things like meeting spaces, office equipment, and even food and beverage options can lure employees to the workplace. With a micro marketyou can offer snacks, salads, sandwiches, and beverages to your employees right on-site. You can even reward them by offering credit toward purchases at the market – essentially giving them lunch or snacks for free. By including a healthy, accessible, and convenient food and beverage option at the office, your employees will feel inspired to come into the office and work in-person. 



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