Welcome to Parlevel’s koin markets. koin markets are a smartphone micro market solution that is powered entirely by your customer’s smartphone. koin-markets are a great way for you to successfully service smaller locations without the need to invest in a full-fledged kiosk.

koin markets are powered by the koin app which, can be downloaded on Android or Apple devices. The koin app makes it really easy for your customers to grab their favorite product, checkout, and enjoy.

To get started with koin markets, your customers simply needs to create an account and scan the QR code that comes with the koin market. This pairs the koin app to your market. Your customers can select “reload” to load their koin account with funds to pay to pay for products.

Once your customer has funds available, they can select “buy” and add products to their cart by scanning the barcode with their phone’s camera, searching products, or scrolling through available products. Once the cart is filled, your customer selects buy, and they’re good to go! It’s that easy.

The koin app has tons of other features that make it easy for your customer to use. Your customers can view purchase history to check past transactions, setup automatic wallet reloads to always keep funds available, even provide service feedback. Your market inventory is updated real time, so your customers can remotely see if their favorite snack or drink is available to purchase.

With koin markets, you can satisfy smaller locations without the need to invest in a full-fledged kiosk. Let your customers smartphone power your market, and provide a breakroom solution that is efficient, engaging, and easy to use.

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